Backdrop of Life (Album)

Label: Extralaut
Vertrieb: Universal
VÖ-Datum: 26.09.2014

Whoever sat down at a bonfire, felt the heat coming from the flames, heard the snaps of the burning wood and caught the gentle and pure glint in his eyes, knows the security and the intimacy a bonfire could spark. Taking a rest at a fire, sitting down and letting your thoughts roam is some kind of magic. And it is the same magic that will catch you while hearing the music of FIRELIGHT.

Even while hearing the first time, the songs will give you a feeling of security, warmth and intimacy. FIRELIGHT is a pop-band founded in 2013 by vocalist Richard Edwards Micallef on the beautiful isles of Malta at the Mediterranean Sea: “I was brought up in a musical household where we all were encouraged to perform. Music is in the family blood. I wake up listening to music. I go to bed listening to music. That’s the way it is.” No time to wonder, why intimacy plays such a decisive role in the band and why they are so familiar: Michelle (vocals and piano), Wayne Williams (vocals, keys and guitar) and Daniel (guitars) are all Richards siblings. So FIRELIGHT is family business? Almost. The band is completed by Tony Polidano (bass) and Leslie Decesare (drums) – both good friends of the siblings. FIRELIGHT’s style is a mix of pop, rock, country and folk rolled into one. Nearly everybody is able to relate to FIRELIGHT and their songs, situations and experience they describe. Handmade, pure, familiar music, giving the audience the time to cogitation – that’s what FIRELIGHT is up to.“The style is somewhat new and the aim of the band is to produce a fresh sound to the music scene both locally and internationally”, says Richard, who also plays the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer, a very traditional instrument and related to the European zither. While hearing to the songs of FIRELIGHT, it is like finding old but known fragments in new walls of sound. And vice versa. After taking part in the „Eurovision Song Contest 2014“ in Denmark with their song “Coming Home“, now FIRELIGHT is ready to release their first own album “Backdrop Of Life”.

The album contains eleven brand new songs, all are a collective effort, representing band members’ inspirations and ideas and invite the audience to cogitation.

With or without a bonfire.

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